Tuesday, 23 04 2019
 Politica de Privacidade


This declaration warrants the privacy of data as it applies specifically and exclusively to the services and communication infrastructures of We Value, it may be changed without prior notice and will be used in agreement with the Personal Data Protection Law.

We Value compromises itself to preserve the privacy and safety of personal data, ensure that it can be used only by We Value in the different procedures regarding the services provided to guarantee a high quality service, adjusted to your needs and characteristics.

The owner of the data will have full access as well as the right to rectify, alter or eliminate the data supplied, having only to contact We Value to do so.
We Value ensures that the data supplied will not be disclosed to other entities and/or individuals or companies, for any purpose not solicited by the owner. We may however hire third parties to perform services on behalf of We Value, these service providers being obligated to keep secrecy of all data provided by We Value, using the data exclusively for the services they were hired to do.

The information kept will be used to establish a connection with the user, through newsletters and commercial contacts, as to keep the relation between We Value and the data owner.

The user may at any time stop the sending of these communications. 

Some non-personal data such as: cookies, IP, browser and others, may be obtained when the We Value website (www.wevalue.pt) is accessed. This information is gathered and analyzed as a whole, as a way to improve the operation and contents of the website.

We can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the user’s or any other person’s use of our website that may result in a breach in confidentiality.
We Value takes seriously all issues related to the privacy of its data. 

Any question you may have referring to this Privacy Policy or if you believe that We Value has in some way disrespected its terms please contact us, preferably in writing (e-mail, fax, letter).

WeValue Contacts

wevalue [at] wevalue.pt
Edifício ICAT, Campus da FCUL
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal


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