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Scientific Communication and Personal Motivation

10 and 11 of September


With this workshop it is intended that participants acquire skills to:

• Present and discuss scientific content in its various forms (reports, oral presentations and posters)

• Prepare oral presentations before an audience and win the "fear" of public presentations.


1. Techniques of Scientific Communication
• Identification of different types of oral presentations and audiences
• Structuring and fitness goals to the public and communication
• Time management, discussion and 'difficult' questions.
2. Personal Motivation Techniques
• Identification of retraction factors that block successful presentation
• Development of goals that are the basis of personal motivation
• Learning techniques that facilitate public communication

About the teachers
Cristina Brito holds a degree in Biology, Master of Ethology and Ph.D. in History (CHAM-UNL). It is also a researcher in History and Biology. Has guided undergraduate and master's thesis in the areas of Ecology and Environmental Conservation.

Sofia Frazoa holds a degree in Sciences of Communication. She has developed her professional career as a journalist and has over a decade of experience in online journalism, print media and radio.

Target audience
Masters and doctoral students in preparation for the presentation and defense of the thesis, is also useful for those who want to feel more comfortable in various public presentations, such as oral presentations at conferences, meetings and other gatherings.

Price: 130€ (110€ for students)
Timetable: 10 - 18h
Place: ICAT-FCUL, Campo Grande, Lisbon, Portugal

Registrations or more data, contact-us:
+351 968 359 393
+351 217 500 301



Scientific illustration

28, 29 and 30 of September (20h)


Scientific illustration is a visual medium of scientific knowledge, with greater importance. Following the expression that "a picture is worth a thousand words" scientific illustration communicates with faster, with wider perceptive and for a greater audience, the meaning and purpose of scientific work.

This course will present rules, principles, methods and basic techniques of drawing and coloring, adapted to the biological illustration, with the aim to train students in the creation of images / illustrations, able to convey clearly and rigorously, knowledge and information, with concern for the esthetic aspect.

Part I - Fundamentals & technical support module

• Introduction to scientific illustration: History & Methodology
• Introduction to the Theory of Color
• Introduction to the technique of airbrushing

• Introduction to the technique of colored pencils


Part II - Training module and artwork

• Exercise room techniques and drawing / painting

• Execution of a scientific illustration in mixed media (airbrush and colored pencil); model: cetaceans (sp. at the choice of the participant)

About the teacher
Fernando Correia is a Biologist and Scientific Illustrator, Director of the Scientific Illustration Laboratory of the Biology Department from Aveiro University.

Target audience
All interested in learning techniques for appropriate graphic scientific communication are entitled to this course. Note that it is not necessary scientific or artistic training base.

Price: 180€ (material included)
Timetable: Friday: 18 - 22h | Saturday and Sunday: 9 - 13h e 14:30 - 18:30h
Place: ICAT-FCUL, Campo Grande, Lisbon, Portugal

Minimum of participants ‐ 10
Maximum of participants - 16

Registrations or more data, contact-us:
+351 968 359 393
+351 217 500 301



WeValue Contacts

wevalue [at] wevalue.pt
Edifício ICAT, Campus da FCUL
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal


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