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    We bring networking value to your contacts and improve outward communication, based on the principle that a connection to markets, partners and other important players is essential.

The services integrated in the communication branch of We Value allow us to conceptualize, design and implement programs and events to present new products, services, initiatives and projects.

alt Celebration of a theme day
alt Creation of a marketing event for scientific and/or technological innovations
alt Organization of marketing events for environmentally or scientifically innovating products or services
alt Organization of congresses, conferences and seminars
alt Organization of thematic exhibits about environment and science
alt Publication of scientific and environmental information and awareness materials
alt Production of merchandising associated to a product, service or event

Our portfolio:

QPAV_semana_ambiente:2012Commemorative week of World Environment Day 2012 at Educational Farm Armando Villar

In 2012, We Value organized a number of initiatives taking place 4-9 June, to commemorate the World Environment Day, at Educational Farm Armando Villar.


ambientALL_universidade_lisboa_verdeEnvironmentALL 2011

We organized in 2011 with the University of Lisbon (UL) the AmbientALL, an event to celebrate the environment day.

This initiative entered in project Green University.

The main objectives were to raise awareness of the academic community and civil society to the issues related to the environment.


feira_mar_forum_mar_exponor Company representation in events

At the “Sea Forum and Fair” that took place at Exponor in June 2011, We Value presented, on behalf of School of Sea "Escola de Mar, Lda" and Intec S.A., the products and services these companies offer that are relevant in sea economy.



We bring environmental value to your projects, services and products, offering environmentally responsible solutions for the optimization of your resources and reduction of risks.phone
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phoneWe bring academic value to the course and work of students, researchers and technicians through our support services for the scientific community and our advanced training programs.
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phoneWe bring networking value to your contacts and improve outward communication, based on the principle that a connection to markets, partners and other important players is essential.
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phoneWe bring new value as a partner in development and changing established behaviour by committing to your ideas with the best planning, resources and partnerships.
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WeValue Contacts

wevalue [at] wevalue.pt
Edifício ICAT, Campus da FCUL
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal


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