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    Our company specializes in bringing value to ideas, projects, products and services through a strong integration of scientific and technological knowledge and the best environmental practices.

Company Values

  • Respect for customers, partners and social environment
  • Quality and innovation in services, products and performance of the company
  • Initiative and professionalism of the staff
  • Environmental and social sustainability


  • Nazaré Rocha
  • Vítor Hugo
  • Álvaro Cidrais
  • Cristina Brito
  • Inês Carvalho
  • Sofia Frazoa
  • Tânia Ferreira
  • Vítor

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  • Workshop Tourism and Environment - Potential in Portugal
  • Technical report "Tourism and Environment"
  • Commemorative Week of World Environment Day 2012
  • AmbientALL
  • Company representation in events
  • Advanced training
  • Scientific services
  • Participation in congresses

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Vision & MIssion


  • To value the human processes in the environment
  • Integration of science, knowledge and technology in society



  • Provide innovative products and services, throughout knowledge and technology transfer, that create value to society, particularly scientific, business and civil community. Creating also value to stakeholders, partners, employees and the surrounding community
  • To be recognized as a company with products and services, environmentally responsible, sustainable and with scientific rigor
  • Be a reference in the areas defined in the company's vision


  • APCM – (Association for Marine Sciences)
  • APEA – (Portuguese Environmental Engineering Association)
  • Código da Vida
  • Escola de Mar – (Sea School)
  • Global Research & Data Services
  • Grupo Lobo – (Wolf Group)
  • Quinta Pedagógica Armando Villar (Armando Villar Educational Farm)

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WeValue Contacts

wevalue [at] wevalue.pt
Edifício ICAT, Campus da FCUL
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal


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Tourism and Environment Potential in Por…

The tourism demand in the wild has increased significantly in recent years, all over the world and is currently booming. Portugal has a privileged geographical location, with access to natural marine and coastal environment, as well as various types of terrestrial ecosystems, which gives various factors of competitiveness. The mild climate and high biodiversity in flora and fauna preserved Portugal become a top destination for tourists seeking a contact with nature. Considering these aspects, the We Value is now launching a technical report on tourism in the natural environment, in which they discuss some of the natural and economic potential of this touri... Read more

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Our new scientific, technical and medical illustration service, allows the design of draws, maps, tables and/or to enhance the image finish. Scientific articles, presentations, books and other publications will be enriched and enlightening. Contact us Read more

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